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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you refer to the What is “The 3 in One” Page you will see what I believe. What I believe shapes who I am. And my identity, just like yours is influenced by 4 areas of life, which I believe are mandated by God. Those 4 areas include: family, culture, government, and church.

I do not think that any of these areas should be emphasized to the exclusion of any of the other areas. However, I do believe that each area needs to be emphasized as much as possible. It is not that we should divide our energies equally between the four, but that we should give our all to each. Example: A father doesn’t give 1/3 of his love to each of his three children, no, he loves all of them absolutely and perfectly. Likewise, we ought to embrace each of these four areas of life absolutely and perfectly. (However, we still need to pragmatically spell out our priorities so we know what needs to come first when conflicts arise between these four areas. I will write a blog on my personal prioritization in the near future.)

Let us look at the four areas again: family, culture, government, and church.

Family: I am a husband, father, brother & child.

Culture: I am a teacher, doctoral researcher, physicist, theologian, runner, adventurer & photographer.

Government: I am a taxpayer, voter & law abiding citizen.

Church: I am a Christian, theologian, worshiper, and preacher.

This blog may seem disconnected and random. But honestly, it is me trying to be a follower of Christ connected to this-world (refer to the Four, 3-in-Ones), and I believe I am connected to this world when I embrace my identity in each of these 4 areas.

Here are a few particulars you may like to know: My name is Michael Fletcher. I teach students at a Spring Mountain Christian Academy in Portland, Oregon and I have the privilege of teaching them subjects such as Bible, Math, and Science. It is really fun being able to teach subjects which many people find to be incompatible. I have the ability to teach these diverse courses because I was originally trained in Physics (Eastern Washington University), but have since earned a M.A. in Biblical Studies (Multnomah Seminary), a Th.M. in Systematic Theology (Western Seminary), an Advanced Master’s in Systematic Theology and Religious Studies (KU Leuven) and I am now a doctoral researcher working on earning a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from KU Leuven. My academic pursuits are directly related to my desire to help the Church. The most difficult part of going to Belgium was leaving my students….thankfully I am able to continue teaching a few courses to my students via the internet.

My students are not my only love though…my wife and daughter define the essence of beauty and they continually remind me of the grace of God. I praise God for them everyday. We have been married for 11 years and our daughter is now 2 years-old.

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