Beauty out of Death

trees3One of my all-time favorite things to do in Portland is to go running on a brisk autumn morning. The chill of the air instantly freezing the sweat pouring out of your pores. The smell of the wet grass and leaves reminding you of the previous cleansing rain. The fog lifting away, nearly transporting you into another dimension. But really, the thing that puts it over the top is the sheer beauty of the trees as they begin changing colors. Have you ever seen trees so spectacular? I had not until we moved here. I grew up surrounded by pine-needles, and they would simply die, fall to the ground, and catch fire.

But back to the colorful leaves, when I ponder it a little more, I realize that the beautiful colors are completely dependent upon immanent death. How can death be so lovely? And if death can be so beautiful, how magnificent is life? I don’t always view life as something so fantastic, probably because my frame of reference is so static. I need to step out of myself, so that I can truly understand life. That is relativity.

What would happen if you had a near death experience? Heck, let us actually pretend that you do die. And then you are given a chance to come back and experience this life again, with full knowledge of what life is about. I think that you would have a much more profound outlook on life, and you would probably appreciate all of the people around you much more because you would want all of them to experience as much of life as possible.tree2

Enjoy this life. God loves you. He created you. He created this earth. I believe he wants you to enjoy life and discover his truths in the world we are in the midst of. “Love God, and do what you will.” (St. Augustine) You will not discover the harmony of this life until you learn to play with it.

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