Can the Truth ever be a Mystery?

Why have we created a dichotomy between science and religion? Or more generally, why have we created a dichotomy between truth and mystery? When I say “we” I do not simply mean this generation, but I mean we as in humanity. It is as though we think that the “truth” is simply one thing which we can comprehend entirely. We have placed a dichotomy between truth and mystery. We only allow ourselves to succumb to mystery when we are at our wits end; we have proclaimed that to proclaim mystery is failure. But why? Is there no beauty to mystery? Is there no truth to mystery? Why can’t we view mystery as truth? Certainly not as the ‘whole’ truth, but as truth nonetheless.

God is other than this world, and as such he cannot be observed. Whenever we seek God, there is mystery involved. And whether we calvin mysteryare studying the vastness of physics and astronomy, or the microscopic of chemistry and biology, we cannot allow ourselves to try and find God in these things. If we think we can find God in these things, then we have allowed ourselves to say that God is confined to this world. It is true that God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ–I am simply saying that there is no scientific way to locate God. He is in all things, and creates all things, but we cannot locate him. God’s presence is always a matter of grace, and we can only receive grace, we cannot find it.

If we cannot ‘find’ God on our own, how are we to understand him and have faith in him? We can only understand that which we know, and knowing is best understood in a face-to-face relationship, and we can only ever have a face-to-face relationship if we are invited into the presence of God by grace, and we can only receive this grace by faith. And this is a mystery, but it is also the truth.

riddleWe can never understand faith, because it is based upon a God which is other than this world, and thus there is no way to scientifically observe and measure it. However, we can certainly use our faith to seek an understanding of God, but we must never forget the element of mystery, and that this side of heaven we only see dimly, but there will come a time when we will see him fully and clearly, and face-to-face.

Do you think that mystery can be a beautiful thing?

Do you agree that the truth can be a mystery?

13 thoughts on “Can the Truth ever be a Mystery?

    • Thanks for the encouragement! It truly is a difficult topic, and I hope that more will begin to see the beauty of mystery as truth.

  1. I would have to agree with you that faith is a mystery , reminds me of the time you said there are 2 things science cannot prove- what happens to the heart of a believer when he worships and what happens when he prays. I think that Is the greatest mystery that only God knows himself. We always have the urge to seek and solve the mystery to our curiosity, nut like you said I do think that sometimes leaving a mystery to what it is could be the greatest solution.

  2. It’s true, mystery always comes off as something we want to be solved. I mean, when was the last time you were curious about something and wanted to leave it that way..? Looking it from the point of view that mystery can also have truth to it, makes me wonder why we always overlook It and feel the need to “solve the mystery.” Leaving some thing at a mystery can also be the answer to other this.

    • Looking at mystery this way is really fun, because we can put a “hedge” around it in a way, but it leaves a lot left to the unknown at the same time. It is kinda like when I think about my wife: I know her, but at the same time she is a huge mystery to me and I will never fully understand her this side of heaven…and this is a good thing! It keeps our marriage very alive.

  3. We can say that Mystery can be two different things. Mystery is in God himself and mystery as in Gods powerful work. I think mystery can be a beautiful thing . Its so hard to describe it. When the mystery is revealed we are going to be astounded by it. Since we cant observe God, he’s a mystery to us. WE may not see God, but we see how he works in mysterious ways. So I really do believe that MYSTERY is a beautiful thing!

  4. How can a truth be a mystery? Sure i understand when you put God as the topic then yes he is a mystery that we do not understand and a truth that we know certainly exists but what about something else, like science related or something in this world. How can that something be a mystery but also be a truth? I think mystery is a beautiful thing because it brings a humans curiosity out and we strive to learn more and discover all we can. I think God can be the only mystery that is true because he is not of this world like you said so we can never actually understand him but we do know he is real because of the bible. As we try to understand God we will continue to try building our faith as we go.

    • The Bible is a wonderful testimony for God being real, can you think of any other ways which help show the reality of God? Difficult question, but a worthy one to ponder…

  5. I never thought truth could be a mystery, but now it makes me think. We have faith in God, but we don’t know him to the fullest. As we grow closer to Him, we start understanding things better and it’s like little clues leading up to God. Although it won’t be revealed so quickly, it’s better to leave things as mysteries before you start coming up with your own conclusions.

  6. When I was reading this article, The Revelation Song was replaying in my head.
    “Jesus, Your Name is Power
    Breath, and Living Water
    Such a marvelous mystery”
    It is a mystery, and it is a beautiful thing! I am personally in awe of mystery, I see it as a unsolved rubiks cube. It is very complicated and sophisticated, yet beautiful because you do not know EXACTLY what it is, at least not yet.

    The truth as a mystery I think can be defined as God. He IS the truth. Yet, he is a mystery for us because he is not of this world, and we are. That’s why we have faith, and if we have that, we will hopefully reveal the mystery in heaven!

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