Do you love your #selfie or yourself?

When you look into the mirror, do you think to yourself how good lookin’ you are? Time for another #selfie! Many of us have experienced this sensation at least once in front of the mirror. It is quite strange how we are able to peer into our own eyes, as if trying to find meaning in them, yet we quickly turn when we look into another’s eyes. But I digress…more on the #self….

Have you heard the story of 200px-Michelangelo_Caravaggio_065Narcissus? This is the story of the first #selfie. Many people believe that he died because he was in love with himself through his reflection. I would beg to differ: Narcissus did not drown in the pool because he loved himself, rather because of his failure to actually know himself in his reflection. He had no true sense of himself–he gazed at himself as though it were an other. We, like Narcissus, can become infatuated with ourselves, not because we overly love ourselves, but because we have no true sense of ourselves.

Narcissus had a pool which he stared at, in our culture we have endless possibilities to stare at our #selfies. We even have “selfy-sticks” which have been invented to allow us to take better #selfies. But I ask a question: do we obsessively take #selfies because we love our #selfies or ourselves? The #selfy seems to have created a distance between the self knowing itself. We stare at the #selfie as something other to ourselves.Dubai Daredevil Selfie

Perhaps this is too generalized, but I am inclined to say that we don’t take #selfies because of an obsessive love of the self, but rather, because we don’t understand who we are.  I am not opposed to all #selfies altogether–all things in moderation–but I am bringing to mind that our culture makes a lot of #selfies. Look at this #selfiegraphic, just to get a general idea. Over 1 million #selfies are taken on a daily basis and 3 in 10 photos taken by persons aged 18-24 are #selfies. This is somewhat disturbing to me.


Do you know who you are? Does taking #selfies help you understand your true identity? When you create your own image, do you see yourself the way God sees you? Do you see yourself as the beloved of God? Do you love your #selfie or yourself?

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