How to Vote as a Christian this November? (UPDATED)


What am I supposed to do as an American Christian during this voting season? Miroslav Wolf says we should vote for Hillary Clinton, while Wayne Grudem says we should vote for Donald Trump. (UPDATE: But then he changed his support after the video was updated.) And these Christian voices are not the only ones speaking out for one candidate over the other. And then there are other Christian leaders imploring Christian voters to pray before casting their ballots, but giving no opinion into the matter at hand.

Tragedy sucks. Normally, we think of tragedy as when we go from something great to something terrible. Many are saying that they are not happy with either candidate, and they make Obama look saintly. In this case, no matter what, we are facing a tragedy. However, there is a greater tragedy during this election season, the tragedy of having to choose between two bad things, or people in this case.

Clinton vs Trump...

Clinton vs Trump…

What confuses me to no end during this election season is the overwhelming percentage (78%) of evangelical Christians that are purposefully supporting Donald Trump. If the percentage was more 50/50, I could conclude that evangelicals were voting based on different moral issues they find more deplorable. For instance, to stand:

  • against Clinton for her stance on abortion
  • against Trump because of racism/immigration/Islamophobia
  • against Clinton because of email scandals
  • against Trump because of sexism/misogyny
  • against Clinton because her involvement in middle east wars
  • against Trump because of his business ethics; etc.

Both candidates are reprehensible, but again, what confuses me to no end is the overwhelming support Trump receives from evangelicals. Trump is becoming a poster-child for American evangelicalism, where time and again, evangelicals are defending him, saying that we are all sinners and God forgives us/him. Yes, God does forgive, but he forgives the repentant.

Trump has not confessed, apologized or repented. In fact, all he has done is pathologically lie by declaring that he has not done the misdeeds or give fake apologies, which actually end up piling more guilt upon the victim.

If we back up a little bit and look at Christ, we see that Christ was a leader, in fact, the perfect embodiment of leadership. After all, he is the King of kings and Lord of lords. However, when we look at how Jesus led, we see that he led by example. He led with humility. He never forced his way upon anyone. He gave of himself. He even gave himself on the cross. He defeated death by death.

His victory was hidden in defeat. His glory was hidden in humility.

The church is the body of Christ, and the church is no greater than the master. This means that when we follow Christ, we too will encounter the cross, every single day. The church, like Christ, should never use force to win over the world. When we do, we have become focused on victory, glory, and triumph. The Bible tells us again and again that these things will come, but that we need to patiently wait for them. For now, it is the time of light momentary affliction, and the triumph will come.

Trump is all about triumph–right now. No waiting. It is even in his name: Tr(i)ump(h). His slogan is to Make America Great Again. Mike Pence has repeatedly said how much of a “broad shouldered” leader he is, and that America needs “broad shouldered” leadership. From watching The Apprentice, we all know how much he runs his business like a “broad shouldered” dictator, and not like a servant.

Why do American evangelicals think we need a style of leadership which is completely contrary to the humility we find in the Gospel? Trump does not embody what it means to be a follower of Christ, and yet, evangelicals are supporting him as their poster child. This is the true tragedy in my opinion.

I will be voting for Hillary Clinton. (UPDATE: NO. I can’t.)

I’m voting for Hillary (UPDATE: No. I’m not.). not simply because she is the lesser of two evils. But also because of policies. (Granted, I do not like her stance on abortion, but I also know that if Trump becomes President, abortion laws will not change.) She wants to have better world relations, she wants to improve the American education system, and she has a reasonable taxation proposal.

(UPDATE: I can’t vote for her because of abortion. When it came down to it, it was impossible for me to fill in that bubble next to her name because of the abortion issue.)

She sees that a “Trumped-Up Trickle-Down” economics would be disastrous. If you haven’t seen Requim For the American Dream, narrated by Noam Chomsky, you should probably do that now. Rather than showing partiality to the already privileged, she will try to help the middle and lower classes–which is far more Biblical. You don’t need to be a Christian to help perform the will of God.

She humbles herself when she is wrong. For instance, she admitted her failure with the email scandal. (UPDATE: Well, not exactly.) And frankly, I think it would be pretty cool if my daughter could live in a world where a woman could be the POTUS if she proved herself worthy of the office. (UPDATE: Yes…but I don’t think Hillary is worthy of the office….but neither is Trump!)

I understand if you can’t vote for Hillary because of moral dilemmas–such as abortion–but I pray that you do not vote for Trump because you think he embodies the principles of evangelical Christianity. If you vote for him because of some other issue, fine, just don’t do it because you label him the “Christian” or “more Christian” in this political game.

UPDATE: I VOTED 3rd PARTY. THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM NEEDS TO CHANGE. Supposedly, John Quincy Adams said, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone–you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” MY VOTE WAS NOT LOST.

So how should you, as a Christian vote this November? I have given my opinion as to how I will vote, though I will not turn this into a normative statement where everyone must vote this way. So perhaps the best answer is to say that this November we should all vote prayerfully.


6 thoughts on “How to Vote as a Christian this November? (UPDATED)

  1. I’m supporting Hilary because of the reasons you have mentioned, but I am sure getting a lot of flack about it from family and community.

  2. I joked with a very religious Christian friend of mine that really, what should have been for him the most identifiable figure for religious reasons this season was Bernie, the socialist Jew. It took a moment but he got it…

    I hope more of your contemporaries and friends will see past the big single voting issue (abortion, which, as you pointed out, not likely to change independent of candidate) and look at the bigger pictures as you did.

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