My Philosophy of Education

letter2One objective of my blog is to help people become one with each other and with Jesus Christ. As Bonhoeffer would say, this Blog covers both penultimate and ultimate things – things of this world and of the next. I personally love the things of this world and believe that God made the creation so that we could learn about it and be prepared for the world to come. The universe contains so much beauty & unity. It is my goal to share my knowledge and passion for math, physics, and theology thereby giving students the resources needed to learn about the beautiful things which God has created. Hopefully, this will encourage them to further His kingdom here on earth – and a major aspect of kingdom is becoming one with each other and with God.

I am a Christian educator and I believe that this role ought to be defined by faith: one of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and one of unending faithfulness to the students. And as a Christian educator, I seek to equip creative and critical thinkers, not simply produce students who score well on standardized tests. I pray that both students, educators, and everyone else who reads this blog is truly blessed and encouraged.

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