Why “the 3 in One”?

I am a photographer, but there is so much more to me than this label.

My photography business is called Fletcher Photography, however, the URL for my website is the3inone.com and not FletcherPhotography.com (someone else already took that URL). I went with The 3 in One because this helps give insight into who I am as a person. And I believe that when a person is hired to make professional photographs, it is a good idea to know who that person is.

So why “the 3 in one”? For me, the meaning is twofold. Firstly, it represents my belief in the Trinitarian God. But more pragmatically, it has to do with three things which I believe continue to be unveiled in reality, Plato referred to these three as the good, the true, and the beautiful. For me, I use photography as a means for helping unveil the reality of these three in each and every image which I create. This is why the tagline is: revealing beauty, goodness & truth through photography.

Photography is about telling a story, and being truthful when telling that story. It is incredibly easy to make a photograph depict a false reality; this is precisely what happens on news and social media every day. My goal is to be honest to the emotion which was present at the time of the photograph, and not try to fabricate a reality which never existed. For this reason, I often use the technique of monochrome (black and white), however, I still use color as well 🙂

The About Me Page will help you understand even more about me.